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      Retire Happy specializes in helping individuals and businesses reach their financial goals by providing education on the different types of retirement accounts that are often underutilized. Our experienced team of licensed professionals and retirement account specialists will give you the knowledge to make sure you are aware of your options.

      We challenge the conventional formula for saving and investing which often expects you to invest like sheep and bank on an unpredictable stock market to give you the retirement you have worked so hard for.  We take our time to educate our clients fully on the alternative approaches to retirement account structure as well as many alternative investment strategies. Our clients learn how to take advantage of a variety of lending opportunities, while simultaneously being educated on how to self-direct their retirement accounts. Our primary focus is to educate and ensure your success. 

      Our experience allows us to provide you with the ideas, concepts, and strategies you need to know to assure you are empowered to invest smarter and to Retire Happy!


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Julie Minuskin


Julie Minuskin received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Bio-Chemistry and a minor in Accounting. After graduating, she relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and started a real estate investment company, to only become victim to a vicious economic real estate market in 2009, like so many others. This led her to continue down a path of which she would not have to endure the uncontrollable variables the economy was sure to present again. Ultimately, starting an educational company in which she lectures individuals on options for self-directing their retirement accounts, taking control of their financial futures, and enabling those to experience a greater understanding of how their money can work for them. Ms. Minuskin prides herself on making a difference and leaving a lasting legacy of continued devotion, dedication, and loyalty to helping others and changing their lives.



Terry McDonald


Terry McDonald is an accomplished financial professional who takes great pride in his values, work, and ability to lead from the front. He has been educating clients on all types of retirement vehicles and investments for over a decade and has clients in all 50 states. He is currently actively licensed in mortgages, insurance, and holds both the Series 7 and Series 63 securities licenses. He attended Grand Canyon University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics. Personally, Terry is on a quest to continue to develop an increasingly healthy lifestyle and finds his motivation every day by working to provide and being a role model to his family and younger siblings.



Josh Stoll


Mr. Stoll hails from the former oil capital of the world, Tulsa OK.  With just shy of 10 years in retirement financial services, Mr. Stoll's clients are often surprised to see such a young face that is supported by such a strong presence and knowledge of SDIRAs and Solo 401ks. Josh’s polite southern hospitality upbringing accompanied by his positive energy, relentless drive for success, and infectious humor provides our Retire Happy team and clients with an advocate and a friend. At the center of Josh’s motivation, is his daughter Sophia. Her future college tuition and his desire to create enough wealth to be financially independent, is all it takes to keep Josh going everyday as well as a cup of coffee or two. Josh enjoys traveling, hiking, and a consistent gym regimen when he isn’t assisting his clients achieve financial freedom. 


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Client relations manager

Dwayne Davison Jr is from the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas NV. Dwayne graduated from the College of Business at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a B.S. in Business Administration and Management. Dwayne has over ten years of professional banking experience including Management with Wells Fargo Bank and InTouch Credit Union. In addition to banking, Dwayne has years of Human Resources experience with the New York - New York Hotel & Casino. In banking, Dwayne learned the true value of putting the consumer first and while working in Human Resources, Dwayne developed the understanding that "Your Network Can and Will Build Your Net-worth." When he isn't helping our staff and clients succeed financially, Dwayne enjoys taking his family on vacation and attending live music events.





Ms. Gomez was born and raised in a small town in central California to a large and loving family. In her early adulthood, Roxanne relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to pursue her passion of financial freedom. Roxanne’s versatile work ethic & outgoing personality has made her a vital asset to the Retire Happy Family since she joined our team in 2012. Roxanne strives to continue living a happy and healthy vegan lifestyle. She is a proud mother of three beautiful children and gains her motivation by being a positive role model to her family. Roxanne has a passion for music and makeup artistry and is continuously admired by her peers for her love, loyalty, and cheerful personality.


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Samantha Bales


Samantha is a rare find in such an ever growing city. She’s a Las Vegas native and the oldest of three. Samantha is motivated by her ability to be a positive role model for her younger siblings and her responsibility to assist clients achieve financial freedom all while maintaining her happiness and professional growth. Extremely competitive, crafty, loyal and bubbly are a few of the many qualities Samantha contributes to our Retire Happy Family. When not working, Samantha enjoys cake decorating, traveling and taking her pals Cosmo and Mac to the dog park.


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Lourdes Marin is an Executive Administrative Assistant at Retire Happy. Lourdes moved to Las Vegas from Southern California in 2004, to begin a career with Chase Bank as an Assistant Manager. In addition to 12 years with Chase, Lourdes has 5 years of financial services experience with Bank of America. Lourdes is a proud mother and has been happily married for 17 years. In her spare time, Lourdes enjoys spending time at the park playing soccer with her Family and shopping.


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Gianna is the newest member of our Retire Happy Family, joining our team in August of 2017. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the middle child of three. Gianna is currently studying at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to attain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. In addition to continuing her education and helping our clients succeed financially, Gianna enjoys hot yoga, pilates, spending time with friends and familiy, and attending concerts.


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Toni Matthews joined our Retire Happy Family in April of 2017 after retiring from 18 years in the nursing industry. Toni relocated to Las Vegas from San Fernando Valley, CA in 1989 in order to follow her passion in nursing and to provide better opportunities for her family. Toni is a proud Mother and Grandmother who loves music and reading. Her most enjoyable times away from the office are spent with her Family. Toni's eagerness to learn and help our clients make her a valued member of our Retire Happy Family.