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About Retire Happy

Retire Happy specializes in helping individuals and businesses reach their financial goals. Our company challenges the conventional formula and creates new approaches for clients to experience and learn about a variety of lending opportunities, while simultaneously being educated on how to self-direct their individual retirement account (IRA).

Retire Happy eliminates the popular angle of bank CD’s and the stock market as the only options for an IRA. In fact, Retire Happy prefers to educate clients about alternative lending opportunities that are income producing, such as real estate.

OUR PRIMARY FOCUS IS TO EDUCATE YOU AND ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS. Our level of experience allows us to provide you with the ideas, concepts, and strategies on self-directing assets to assure you are empowered to lend to WHAT YOU WANT. We will educate you on how to take advantage of self-directed IRA’s.

The Executive Team

Julie Minuskin Founder / CEO

Julie Minuskin has been a leader her entire life. This was particularly proven by being the captain of her high school basketball team at Warren Township High School in Gurnee, Illinois and then earning a scholarship to North Central College in Naperville, Illinois where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Bio-Chemistry and a minor in Accounting. After graduating, Ms. Minuskin quickly learned that the field of biochemistry did not challenge her in the way her personality had guided her, which was confirmed by a mundane career in research and development at Amgen Inc., a pharmaceutical/biotechnology company in Thousand Oaks, California and therefore, she focused on becoming an entrepreneur. She relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and started a real estate investment company, to only become victim to a vicious economic real estate market in 2009, like so many others. This led her to continue down a path of which she would not have to endure the uncontrollable variables the economy was sure to present again. Ultimately, starting an educational company in which she can educate individuals on options in self-directing their retirement accounts, taking control of their financial future, and enabling those to experience a greater understanding of how their money can work for them and they can become their own bank. Ms. Minuskin prides herself on making a difference and leaving a legacy in which people will admire her continued devotion, dedication, and loyalty in helping others and changing their lives.

Terry McDonald Founder / Chief Operating Officer

Terry McDonald is an accomplished financial professional who takes great pride in his values, work, and ability to lead from the front. He has been educating clients on all types of retirement vehicles and investments for over a decade and has clients in all 50 states. He is currently actively licensed in mortgages, insurance, and holds both the Series 7 and Series 63 securities licenses. He attended Grand Canyon University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics. Personally, Terry is on a quest to continue to develop an increasingly healthy lifestyle and finds his motivation every day by working to provide and be a role model to his family and younger siblings.

Josh Stoll VP of Facillitation & Private Lending

The Midwest, the South, and the West are regions that are debatable when trying to categorize what part of the country that the state of Oklahoma is in. It is not a surprise that Mr. Stoll is not only from the suburbs of Tulsa, but also his personality and value system include the pragmatic Midwest Mentality, a laid back "work to live, and not live to work" West Coast Mindset, with a very pleasant, considerate, and a polite Southern Hospitality demeanor. It is no surprise that Mr. Stoll this is exactly how is he handles his everyday business and the perception of his colleagues and clients would say the same. Just shy of being involved with the retirement financial services for under 10 years, Mr. Stoll's clients are often surprised to see such a young face that is backed by such a strong presence and knowledge of SDIRAs.

Cerelia Bastian Executive Administrative Assistant

Born in Okinawa Japan, Ms. Bastian was raised in a large family by her father that served for the United States Air Force. Her upbringing has helped her streamline and effectively manage Retire Happy's ever demanding administrative position. On a daily basis, Cerelia at times juggles a multitude of Retire Happy's clients, office personnel, and business vendors need's, while handling her workload in a professional and polite manner. Ms. Bastian's diligence with a placid approach helps balance the sometimes hectic workload that she and the rest of the office can encounter. Retire Happy is an avid observer of "Administrative Professionals Day" and largely in part because of the dependence Retire Happy has on Ms. Bastian's important role.